The Right Patient for Your Trial

Medibanx is a patient-centred platform that powers better research by aggregating longitudinal data and enabling patients to engage with clinical research actively.


Better Clinical Understanding for Better Clinical Development


Deeper clinical insights mean better filings and clinical trials

Medibanx provides clinical development teams with real-world evidence from longitudinal clinical patient records for the
most challenging clinical development programs. We can help your team build a robust clinical understanding of disease progression even in rare, poorly understood disease


Precise Clinical Segmentation

Medibanx gathers patients' complete medical history, giving clinical development teams the ability to better understand the clinical nature of a disease to direct efforts to the ideal patients for the best results.


Spend Less Time Recruiting

Medibanx speeds up recruitment during clinical trials by rewarding patients for sharing their complete medical history, joining studies and connecting with other patients with the same condition.

Medibanx for Clinical Development


RWE clinical data acquisition

Medibanx collects patient medical records for patients who want to contribute to medical research. By partnering with clinical development teams, Medibanx facilitates patients advancing medical research by sharing their data.


Clinical insight from structured, complete longitudinal patient data

Collected patient records are in raw, unstructured formats. Medibanx extracts the relevant data and structures the data into an HL7-FHIR formatted database


Patient Compensation

Patients are compensated for their contribution to advancing clinical research with compensation deposited into their Medibanx wallet every time they approve access to their data.

Book a Demo

Be engaged in your care.
Be compensated for your contribution to medicine.

Medibanx for Patients

Show step by step how to get started.


Take ownership of your medical history

Medibanx helps patients access their medical records and further cleans the data to make it accessible, readable and shareable.


Better Access to Clinical Trials

Get notified whenever there is a clinical trial for a new therapy that fits your condition and your patient profile.


Earn by Sharing

Earn money by sharing your medical data with research teams looking for therapeutics for your condition.

Ready to get started?

Connect with one of our product lead to learn how Medibanx can help your team achieve its clinical trial goals while enriching your data pool with patient-specific longitudinal data.

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