Experience Medibanx in Action

Connect with one of our product lead to learn how Medibanx can help your team achieve its clinical trial goals while enriching your data pool with patient-specific longitudinal data.


It’s like getting Flatiron fidelity clinical data for any disease indication or patient group without the need for an EMR


What is Medibanx?

Medibanx is a patient-centered platform that aims to improve medical research by collecting patient medical records and enabling patients to contribute to medical research.

How does Medibanx access medical records?

Medibanx collects patient data with the patient's consent. When a patient signs up for Medibanx, they provide consent for Medibanx to access their medical records from their healthcare providers.

Are patients compensated for sharing data?

Yes, patients are compensated for sharing their medical data. The amount of compensation that patients receive depends on the type of data shared and the specific research study.

How does Medibanx help with clinical trial recruitment?

Medibanx accelerates the recruitment process by connecting patients and their medical records with clinical trials that are relevant to their medical condition.

Any other questions?

Please email us below, and our team will get in touch!

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