Empowering Therapeutic Development for the RPGRIP1 Vision Loss Community

Your journey with vision loss caused by mutations in the RPGRIP 1 gene (Leber Congenital Amaurosis 6, Cone Rod Dystrophy 13, or Juvenile-onset Retinitis Pigmentosa) is valuable in supporting life science researchers in their efforts to develop treatments



helps you take ownership of your medical records and compensates for your contribution to furthering medical research. With Medibanx, you're the rightful owner of your medical file.

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What You Will Get

Compensation for your Contribution

By consenting to anonymously share your records, Medibanx compensates you for your contribution.

Complete Medical History

We curate a complete medical file for your easy access, management, and sharing.

Own and Control your Health

Take control of your files in deciding to anonymously share your data with researchers.

Easy to Use and Navigate

Medibanx ensures your records stay up-to-date, and you receive compensation automatically.


How It Works

Sign yourself Up

Tell us about yourself
Review & sign the consent
Relax, it's Medibanx turn

Track your Records

Get notified when all ready
Access your records 24/7
Track your healthcare

Share your Data

Decide to share your file
Consent to securely and anonymously share it

Receive Compensation

Get compensated
Save in Medibanx wallet
Transfer to your bank acc.

Ready to get started?

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